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At Bino we specialise in the production of children’s furniture with a vision of making products with functional design, high quality and safety.

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Bino has more than 24 years of professional experience

With more than two decades of experience you can be confident that working with Bino is a decision you can trust.

We have both indoor and outdoor ranges, and the majority of our collections are custom-made for individual customers.

We are perceived as a flexible, trustworthy partner, which is why Bino enjoys long-term relationships with its customers all over the world.

Working with Bino is a guarantee for quality at all levels of the process – right from the first design sketches until delivery to the customer.

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Why work with Bino?

We are committed to crafting products of superior quality and functionality, ensuring full compliance with all pertinent regulations.

>24 years of experience

With more than two decades of experience you can be confident that working with Bino is a decision you can trust.

Total compliance

We comply with all relevant legislation and requirements

Less waste, more durability

We optimize material consumption in order to reduce waste and only produce highly durable products.

Broad expertise

Expertise in Product Development, Supply Chain, and Quality Control ensures flawless concept-to-delivery execution

Circle of confidence

At Bino, we specialize in transforming your ideas into tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your vision. Every solution we provide adheres rigorously to established standards, underscoring our commitment to excellence. We meticulously plan and execute each step, leaving nothing to chance. With Bino by your side, you can feel confident and secure at every phase of the journey.


We turn your ideas into customized solutions

We take our time to analyze and understand your needs - from redesigning an existing line to creating completely new lines from idea to product. Based on your idea or rought sketch, we create products and solutions in cooperation with ou manufacturers in China and Vietnam - products that meet the most stringent demands and standards, while ensuring the right balance between quality and price.


We visualize your idea

We will present your project with technical - and 3D drawings, and a price, and await your feedback and approval. At this stage we can play with different options and designs to make sure the project will cover your needs. We will then take it to the mock-up stage. It is our top priority to meet all of your expectations - and exceed them.


All complies with the standard - every time

With Bino as your supplier, you can be confident that we take steps to ensure that the product complies with all relevant standards prior to initiating production. We produce according to btoh European, US and Australian standards with intetek in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh as our partner and your guarantee for high quality products. Packing will be designed according to your demands including graphics for cartons and product labels. Packing will be designed according to your product, market and dristribution. Including the artwork for cartons and product labels.


We leave nothing to chance

During production we are constantly represented in the factory to ensure the products meet every required standard on both quality and safety. We belive it is important to have our own QC people locally represented in China as well as in Vietnm to control production at all stages. Finally, we conduct pre-shipment inspections. As a customer you can have complete confidence that the products you bring to market meet every required standard for quality and safety.


Feel safe every step of the way

Choosing Bino as your supplier will ensure that you get the right export documents on time. You can leave every aspect of organising transportation to us. From our office in Denmark, we will assist you every step of the way regarding everything, from questions about product assembly instructions to spare parts.


Discover Bino's exceptional services, designed to bring your ideas to life while ensuring quality and safety. Our expertise in Product Development, Supplychain Management, and Quality Control guarantees seamless execution from concept to delivery. Experience the Bino difference and elevate your product journey with our tailored solutions.

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